Returning to Normalcy

This time last week I was wrapping up coverage of the West Virginia Legislature as it finished up a 60-day regular session. Between the holidays and the last 2 1/2 months, my time has been very much occupied with things to do.

I’ve largely been non-stop since returning to full-time journalism at the end of June 2018. Between the impeachment of our entire state supreme court and the drama that went along with that, the federal trial of our former chief justice, and the one of the craziest legislative sessions I’ve ever seen in nearly a decade observing lawmakers, I just haven’t had much time for posts on this website.

Now that all of that is over, I’m hoping to dedicate a little more time here writing for my own enjoyment. Not that I don’t enjoy writing news articles – I wrote 120 full articles between Jan. 9 and March 9 – but I’d like to also write non-state politics stories. I’d like to be able to write down my musings on the city I live in, the music I listen to, the things I see and watch, etc.

Much like how ska is starting to make a comeback, maybe we can bring back blogging as well?